1. Cemetery

  2. Fire

    Learn about the many different services provided by the Natchez Fire Department.

  3. Senior Citizens' Multipurpose Center

    The Natchez Senior Citizen Multipurpose Center provides a central location where senior citizens can meet and pursue mutual interests.

  4. Parks & Recreation

    The City of Natchez Parks and Recreations Department believes that park and recreation experiences enhance our citizens’ opportunities for a full, balanced and meaningful lifestyle.

  5. Personnel

    Get information about City of Natchez benefits.

  6. Planning & Community Development

    The City of Natchez Planning and Zoning Department is broken into 3 divisions. Find out what each division is responsible for.

  7. Police

  8. Public Works

    The Department of Public Works ensures the safety and welfare our community through maintenance of city streets, stormwater drainage, various public properties and public health issues.

  9. Regional Transit

    The Transit Department is committed to motivating our drivers to exhibit professionalism, courtesy, concern and empathy for our clients.

  10. Tourism

    Discover exciting tourist attractions in the City of Natchez, Mississippi.

  11. Traffic

    Learn about traffic statistics for the City of Natchez.

  12. Water Works

    The Water Works Department provide technical and professional assistance towards the planning and development of City of Natchez sponsored projects and the water utility.